Thank you great and wonderful God for your many wonders and many blessings. Thank you for nature and natural beauty, wide open spaces and fresh air, sunrises and sunsets, wild birds and animals, creeks and oaks, flowers and fields and the glimpses of Your glory reflected in all of Blackwater Ranch. We thank you for Blackwater Ranch and giving us the opportunity and joy of enjoying it and sharing it with others.

Lord we pray that Blackwater Ranch can bring peace to our souls, refreshment to our Spirits and more closeness to you. We pray that You bless Blackwater Ranch and make it abound with natural wild game and fish and natural beauty. We also pray You bless all who come to Blackwater Ranch. We pray that Blackwater Ranch provides a place to share in companionship, fun, camaraderie, encouragement and spiritual growth to all who enter its gates. We pray that we and our family, friends, guests and participants will come to know You better and be filled with Your Spirit while at Blackwater.

We pray that all who enjoy Blackwater Ranch will show respect to You, to nature, to our facilities and to each other. We thank you for the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful and special place and we ask for your guidance and protection while we are here.   Please keep us safe from harm and in your care.

Thank you again for the blessing and opportunity to enjoy and share Blackwater Ranch with You and each other. We pray all of this In Jesus name!